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'The Muse Unchained' by EMW Tillyard, 1 Nov 1958 (with part of review of The Rise of the Meritocracy by Michael Young on reverse, 30 Oct 1958 [Guardian])

'A Crime for Caroline' by Pamela Mansbridge, 15 Nov 1958

'David and the Wolf Patrol' by S Holbrooke-Jones, 15 Nov 1958

'Young Runner' by R Bateman, 15 Nov 1958

'Jim Starling: Jim Starling and the Agency' by EW Hildick, 15 Nov 1958

'Helen in Egypt and other Plays' by John Heath-Stubbs, 27 Dec 1958

'Two Plays' by George Barker, 27 Dec 1958

'Topside, or the Future of England' by JB Priestley, 10 Jan 1959

'Tribune 21' ed. Elizabeth Thomas, 27 Jan 1959

'The Use of Imagination' by William Walsh, 21 Mar 1959

'Poetry and Morality' by Vincent Buckley, 21 Mar 1959

'TH Huxley, Scientist, Humanist and Eudcatior' by Cyril Bibby, 25 Apr 1959

'Culture in Private and Public Life' by FR Cowell, 25 Jul 1959

'Three Traditions of Moral Thought' by Dorothea Krook, 31 Oct 1959 [see also WWE/2/1/9/1/5 for another cutting]

'The Ethical Idealism of Matthew Arnold' by William Robbins, 31 Oct 1959 [see also WWE/2/1/9/1/5 for another cutting]

'The Third Voice' by Denis Donoghue, 26 Dec 1959 [see also WWE/2/1/9/1/5 for another cutting]

'The Truest Poetry' by Laurence Lerner, 5 Mar 1960

'English for Maturity' by David Holbrook, 3 Mar 1961

'Somerset Maugham' by Richard Cordell, 7 Jul 1961

'Learning and Living, 1790-1960' by JFC Harrison, 5 Jan 1962

'Rural Discontent in 19th-Century Britain' by JPD Dunbadin, 27 Sep 1974

'Land and Industry: The Landed Estate and the Industrial Revolution' eds JT Ward and RG Wilson, 27 Sep 1974