'Pieces of Special Interest' reprints, offcuts and phocopies of articles, reviews, interviews and other items by Raymond Williams

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'Country and City in the Modern Novel' - WD Thomas Memorial Lecture, 26 Jan 1987

'Developments in the Sociology of Culture' - Estratto da Annali - Anglistice (1975, 2)

'The Concept of Literature' - Estratto da Annali - Anglistice (XIX,3 1976)

'Tragic Despair and Revolt' reprint from The Critical Quarterly, summer 1963

'Pastoral and Counter-Pastoral' reprint from The Critical Quarterly, summer 1963

'Contemporary Drama and Social Change in Britain' - Revue des langes vivantes tijdschrift voor levende talen (XLII - 1976)

'The Existing Alternatives in Communications' part of Socialism in the Sixties, Fabian Tract 337

'New Politics for the 80s', Campaign for Socialist Europe bulletin, no.6, Jul-Aug 1979

The Welsh Extremist: A Culture in Crisis by Ned Thomas (Guardian, 3 Jun 1971)

Robin Hood by C Holt / Kings and Queens of Early Britain by Geoffrey Ashe / Folk Heroes of Britain by Charles Kightly (no date)

The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism by Daniel Bell, New York Times Book Review, Feb 1978

Destiny Obscure: autobigraphies of childhold, education and family from the 1820s to the 1920s by John Burnett / Working Class Childhood: an oral history by Jeremy Seabrook in New Society, 7 Oct 1982

The English Temper by Richard Hoggart, 1982

Cultural Creation in Modern Society by Lucien Goldmann / Lukacs and Heidegger: towards a new philosophy by Lucien Goldmann, New Society, 5 Jan 1978

Milton and the English Revolution by Christopher Hill, Guardian, 6 Oct 1977

The Critic as Anti-Philosopher by FR Leavis, ed G Singh, Guardian, 11 Nov 1982

The Left in Britain 1956-1968 by David Widgery, Guardian, 12 Feb 1976

The Merthyr Rising by Gwyn A Williams, Guardian , 8 Jun 1978

The Life and Times of Chaucer by John Gardner, Guardian, 5 Jan 1978

Newpaper Money: Fleet Street and the Search for the Affluent Reader by Fred Hirsch and David Gordon / Paper Voices: The popular press and social change by ACH Smith with Elizabeth Immirzi and Trevor Blackwell, Guardian 22 May 1975

In Anger: Culture in the Cold War, 1945-1960 by Robert Hewison, 2 Apr 1981

The Naked Artist by Peter Fuller / Aesthetics after Modernism by Peter Fuller, New Society, 16 Jun 1983

The Welsh in their History by Gwyn A Williams, Guardian 9 Sep 1982

Rebirth of a Nation: Wales, 1880-1980 by Kenneth O Morgan, annotated

Brecht by Ronald Gray / Ionesco by Richard N Coe, 24 Mar 1961

Romanticism ed. John B Halstred, [Guardian, 26 Aug 1969]

Thomas Hardy's Personal Writings ed Harold Orel, Guardian, 19 May 1967

The Creative Vision: Modern European Writers on their Art ed Haskell M Block and Herman Salinger, Guardian, 25 Nov 1960

The Theory of Communication by Philip Hobsbaum, Guardian 3 Sep 1970

The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre ed Robert Denoon Cumming, Guardian, 29 Nov 1968

Working-Class Stories of the 1890s ed PJ Keating / The Working Classes in Victorian Fiction ed PJ Keating [Guardian, 30 Dec 1971]

Darwin and Butler: two versions of evolution Basil Willey, Guardian 30 Sep 1960

Shelley, his Thought and Work by Desmond King-Hele, Guardian 12 Feb 1960

TS Eliot and the Idea of Tradition by Sean Lucy and The Plays of TS Eliot by DE Jones, Guardian 9 Dec 1960

Intellectuals Today: Problems in a Changing Society by TR Fyvel, Guardian 1 Mar 1968

The First Circle by Alexander Sozhenitsyn trans Michael Guybon

On Violence by Hannah Arendt Guardian 25 Jun 1970

The English Jacobin Novel by Gary Kelly, Times Literary Supplement, 25 Mar 1977

George Orwell, a life by Bernard Crick, Marxism Today, Jun 1981

Prometheus - The life of Balzac by Andre Maurois, New Society, 4 Nov 1965

Steady Work: Essays in the politics of democratic radicalism by Irving Howe / Thomas Hardy by Irving Howe, Commentary, Feb 1969

Respectable Radical: George Howell and Victorian Working Class Politics by FM Leventhal / The Decline of Working Class Politics by Barry Hindess Guardian, 28 Jan 1971

The Supecting Glance by Conor Cruise O'Brien, Guardian 8 Jun 1972

Interpretations and Forecasts, 1922-1972 by Lewis Mumford, Guardian 23 Aug 1973

History and Class Consciousness by Georg Lukacs / Solzhenitsyn by Georg Lukacs, Guardian, 25 Feb 1971

Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture by Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron / Society, State and Schooling by FMichael FD Young and Geoff Whitty, New Society, 5 May 1977

Teachers, Writers, Celebrities: the intellectuals of modern France by Regis Debray, New Society, 21 May 1981

Performance and Politics in Popular Drama by David Bradby, Louis James and Bernard Sharratt

More Bad News Glasgow University Media Group / The whole world is watching by Todd Gitlin, London Review of Books, 3-16 Jul 1980

Rebirth of a Nation: Wales 1880-1980 by Kenneth O Morgan, Times Higher Education Supplement, 15 May 1981

The New Left ed Maurice Cranston, The Listener, 3 Dec 1970

Beyond Culture by Lionel Trilling, Guradian 15 Apr 1966

American Power and the New Mandarins by Noam Chomsky, Guardian, 30 Oct 1969

Mill: A Collection of Critical Essays ed JB Schneewind, Guardian 12 Jun 1969

Education for Liberation by Adam Curle, The Guardian, 27 Dec 1973

'Affluence after Anger' in The Nation, 19 Dec 1966

'Just what is Labour's policy for radio?', Tribune, 18 Feb 1966

'Communications: Control or Freedom?'

'Are we becoming more divided?', no date

'The hardening of an infant's arteries' Times Higher Education Supplement, 7 Dec 1973

'Socialism's crisis of theory', The Nation, 26 Feb 1968

'Hope Deferred' New Statesman, 19 May 1961

'The Catholic Crisis', The Nation, 17 Jul 1967

'What is the future of the left', Sanity, Apr 1966

'May Day Manifesto', Tribune, 5 Mar 1965

'The English language and the English Tripos' Times Literary Supplement, 15 Nov 1974

'The Decadence Game', [late 20th century]

'The Deadlock', Encounter, Jan 1962

'Ideas and the labour movement', New Socialist, Nov-Dec 1981

Bit about Mr Wollheim's essay at Socialism and Culture symposium, New Statesman 2 Jun 1961

'Are we becoming more divided?'

'La lunga evoluzione dell'archeologia dall'arte all scienza', L'Unita, 20 Sep 1982 (Italian)

'Making it Active' interview between Ken Worpole and Raymond Williams, 'The English Magazine', Spring 1979

'Is the medium the message' Andrew Gowers and Raymond Williams, Stop Press with Varsity, 3 Mar

Open letter by Raymond Williams to WEA tutors, [republished for Workers' Educational Association and Christopher Hill introduction and 'Culture is Ordinary']