Year books of the All England Ladies' Lacrosse Association

Scope and Content

These comprise publications which are titled 'Annual Reports' but are year books for the All England Ladies' Lacrosse Association (AELLA). They incorporate minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the previous year's annual report and statements of account. They also contain lists of officers, fixture lists, lists of clubs, schools and colleges affiliated to the AELLA and lists of individual members for the current season:

  • Item 1: AELLA year book for 1939/40 which contains the first annual report, 1938/39. Although the AELLA had been in existence since 1912, 1938/39 was the first year an annual report had been published;
  • Item 2: AELLA year book for 1946/47 which contains the 2nd annual report, 1945/46;
  • Item 3: AELLA year book for 1947/48 which contains the 3rd annual report, 1946/47;
  • Item 4: AELLA year book for 1948/49 which contains the 4th annual report, 1947/48;
  • Item 5: AELLA year book for 1951-1952 which contains the 7th annual report, 1950/51;
  • Item 6: AELLA year book for 1952-1953 which contains the 8th annual report, 1951/52;
  • Item 7: AELLA year book for 1953 which contains the 9th annual report, 1952/53;
  • Item 8: AELLA year book for 1954 which contains the 10th annual report, 1953/54;
  • Item 9: AELLA year book for 1955 which contains the 11th annual report, 1954/55