Boxmoor Ladies' Lacrosse Club

Scope and Content

In November 1927 Kathleen and Marjorie Lockley co-founded the Boxmoor Ladies' Lacrosse Club. Marjorie played with the club from 1928 to 1936 and was the team's first captain and again in the 1931/32 season. Marjorie served as Vice-President of the club in 1931/32 and again in 1947/48 and President from 1932/33 to 1935/36. Following the resumption of club lacrosse after the Second World War, it is thought the club changed its name to the Boxmoor and Watford Ladies' Lacrosse Club.

Contains the following:

  • Rules and Notice of AGM for the 1931/32 season
  • Holiday and Extra Fixtures List for the 1930/31, 1931/32 and 1932/33 seasons
  • Fixtures List for the 1931/32 season
  • Typescript doggerel verses recalling a match played between The Gazelles (Boxmoor Ladies') and The Selukis (an all-male team) in Felden, Hertfordshire on 16 February (year unknown)
  • Itinerary and press cuttings for a Boxmoor Ladies' Lacrosse tour to Scotland and Ireland in January 1934 accompanied by a single b/w photograph of three team members at the door of a railway carriage in Euston station at the start of their tour on 8 January. Photographer: London News Agency Photos Ltd. NB: an account of the 10-day tour was published in Hockey Field and Lacrosse on 3 February 1934. See AEWL/6/2/8
  • Single b/w photograph of the Boxmoor Ladies' and USA Touring Teams at their match held on 12 September 1935 in Berkhamstead. Many of the players have been identified
  • Manuscript list of Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Boxmoor Ladies' from 1929 to 1936
  • Circular letters sent to club members at the start of the lacrosse season in September 1947 and September 1948 inviting them to renew their membership and with news of decisions made at the AGM, and enclosing a fixtures list for the forthcoming season
  • Notice of AGM for the 1950/51 season