Scott, correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 575/5;MJ Letter to Lieutenant Armitage, 5 January 1904 [Regarding his plans for exploring in the vicinity of Cape Royds, British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904] microfilm
  • MS 1453/163;D Letter to J M Barrie, [March 1912] [Copy of Scott's last letter to Barrie] typed copy with a holograph note added by Kathleen Scott
  • MS 1297;D Letter to Mrs Mabel Bealby, 5 [March] 1908 [From Essex] typed transcript
  • MS 761/8/8;D Letter to Admiral Sir Lewis Beaumont, 11 July 1910 [Comments on authorised programme of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] 4 leaves (Xerox of a typed copy)
  • MS 1453/55;D[Bowers, H.R.] Letter to Mrs Bowers, 1912 [Copy of last letter to mother of Henry Bowers] copy in unknown hand
  • MS 940/1-2;D Letters (2) to Mrs Edith Margaret Colman, 17 September [1901], 17 February 1903 [News of progress south, thanks for help in raising funds to send Morning, British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904]
  • MS 1157/1-4;D Letters (4) to Lieutenant (later Captain) Arthur William Craig, 1901, 1904, 1908 and 1909 [Regarding recruitment of men for British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904, brief mention of return voyage of Discovery] 8 leaves, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1642/1;D Letter to Thomas Crean, 23 March 1910 [Regarding his appointment to the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] typescript
  • MS 1201;MJ Letters (7) to James Dell, 1908 to 1909 [First three from Bulwark offering help in getting work and consolations regarding Dell's wound] microfilm
  • MS 1362;D Letter to James Dell, 4 January 1910 [Regarding a magazine article to which Dell has drawn his attention] 2 leaves, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1493;D Letter to Francis Drake, October 1911 [Instructions on numerous points of business of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] 7 leaves, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1227/1-2;D Letters (2) to Captain George Egerton, 5 November 1901 and 9 to 15 March 1904 [Describes Discovery and the seamen, summarising expedition's visit to Antarctica, British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904] holograph
  • MS 1342/4;D Letter to George Egerton, 27 December [1905] [Thanking Egerton for his praise of his book, informing him of his present activities] holograph
  • MS 761/29/1-2;D Letters (2) to George Egerton, 1911 [First written prior to departure on first sledge journey, second prior to leaving for the south, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] 2 leaves, typed copy
  • MS 175;D Letter to George Egerton, March 1912 [On verso a note by Henry Bowers] holograph
  • MS 761/28; D Letter to Mrs Edgar Evans, October 1911 [From Terra Nova, winter quarters, in praise of Evans] typed copy
  • MS 1160/12;MJ Letter to Edward RGR Evans, 21 June 1910 [Various arrangements prior to the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] microfilm
  • MS 1464/19;D Letter to Edward RGR Evans, 21 June 1910 [Various instructions for action during Scott's absence, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] holograph
  • MS 1490;D Letter to Sir Frederick Fison, 10 November 1909 [On a speech by Fison and on raising money] 3 leaves, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1517/2/1;D Letters (2) to Archibald Geikie, 22 October 1907 [Regarding receipt of French Antarctic Manual and Bidlingmaier's note] 2 leaves
  • MS 1517/2/2;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 9 August [19--] [Regarding copies of charts] 2 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1517/2/3;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 24 November 1909 [Invitation to become member of Advisory Committee] 2 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1517/2/4;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 27 November 1909 [Letter of thanks for joining Advisory Committee] holograph
  • MS 1517/2/5;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 4 January 1910 [Regarding recruitment of Dr George Simpson as physicist to British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] typewritten
  • MS 1517/2/6;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 10 January 1910 [Thanking him for his support]
  • MS 1517/2/7;D Letter, to Archibald Geikie, 25 February 1910 [Regarding Ernest Henry Shackleton] 6 leaves, typewritten
  • MS 739;D Letter to Major-General Sir Douglas Haig, 22 January 1911 [From Winter Quarters, Cape Evans, plea for ponies] 3 leaves, typescript copy
  • MS 1177/2;D Letter (copy) to Laura Hickley, 24 June 1904 [Regarding Discovery, British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904] holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 888/2;D Letter to Admiral Swinton Holland, 23 March 1910 [Regarding Pennell] holograph (Xerox copy)
  • MS 1453/164;D Letters (2) to Sydney Holland, 21 June and 6 July 1910 [Thanks for a flag from Queen Alexandra and other favours] 2 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1368/14;D Letter to Miss Kemp, undated [From Albemarle, brief note of thanks] holograph
  • MS 761/8/13-34;D Letters and telegrams (22) to Joseph James Kinsey, 1909 to 1912 [About the management of the expedition, the last letter was written just before Scott's death] Xeroxes of typed copies
  • MS 1219/3;D Letter to G. Lewis, 17 June 1910 [Brief note of thanks] holograph
  • MS 1177/3;D Letter (copy) to John Frederick Mann, 21 April 1904 [Brief letter asking Mann to convey thanks to the Royal Geographical Society of Australia] 2 leaves, holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 1177/1;D Letter to Sir Albert Hastings Markham, 5 November [1901] [Congratulating Markham on his new appointment, describes the voyage of the Discovery, and expresses confidence for the future of the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904] 4 leaves, typed transcript (Xerox)
  • MS 1488/2;BJ Letter to Sir Clements Markham, 3 August 1910 [Brief note from early in British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913 voyage, in Scott's last expedition Kathleen Scott's copy, volume 1] holograph
  • MS 1608;D Letter to Cecil Mears, 1910-1912 [Regarding motor sledges and other expedition news] holograph
  • MS 1325/29;D Letter to Hugh Robert Mill, 1 June 1907 [Albemarle, brief note] holograph
  • MS 1575;D Letter to Mrs Noble, 18 July [1904] [Falkland Islands, apologising for not answering letter, inviting her to visit Discovery and some mention about long journey ahead]
  • MS 1016/421;D Letter to Caroline Oates (mother of Lawrence), October 1911 [From Terra Nova winter quarters, possibility that her son may not return home this year, praise of his work and conduct] holograph
  • MS 1148/5;D Letter to Mrs Peter O'Reilly, 2 December 1889 [Amphion, Hong Kong, describes his experiences during Amphion voyage from Victoria, British Columbia to Hong Kong]
  • MS 1148/6;D Letter to Miss Kathleen O'Reilly, 15 March [1900] [Majestic, Channel Squadron]
  • MS 765;D Letters (4) to Miss Kathleen O'Reilly and Mrs O'Reilly, 1903 to 1906, holograph
  • MS 1013/6/1-2;D Letters (2) to Daniel Radcliffe, 1910 to 1911 [News of progress, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] holograph (Xerox copy)
  • MS 1366/3/1-8;D Letters (8) to Mrs Rhodes, 1901-1904 [By members of the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904 including 4 from Scott]
  • MS 1122/1/1-7;D Letters (7) to Professor Arthur Schuster, 1900 to [1910], [Regarding the magnetic programme for the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904, George Simpson, a day trip to Manchester, on board Terra Nova, praise for expedition members and other matters] holograph and typescript
  • MS 1537/2/14/8-9;D Letters (2) to Ernest Henry Shackleton, 18 February 1907 [Written on hearing news of Shackleton's proposed expedition]
  • MS 1537/2/15/5;D Letter to Ernest Henry Shackleton, 7 March 1907 [Regarding planned Antarctic expedition]
  • MS 1537/2/15/17;D Letter to Ernest Henry Shackleton, 26 March 1907 [Regarding planned Antarctic expedition]
  • MS 1537/2/15/23;D Letter to Ernest Henry Shackleton, 23 May 1907 [Regarding planned Antarctic expedition]
  • MS 1483/3/1-2;D Letters (2) to George Clarke Simpson, 31 October 1911 and 24 November [1911] [Instructions on departure of pole party, note on party's progress, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] 6 leaves, holograph and typescript
  • MS 841/8/1-4;D Letters (4) to Reginald and Mrs Smith, 1910 to 1911 [First 3 about the preparations for the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913, last a note, 1 February 1911, Safety Camp, Great Barrier, regarding Cherry-Garrard]
  • MS 1106/1-3;D Letters (3) to Sir Edgar Speyer, 1911 [Two written in October at winter quarters, the other undated at Glacier Tongue, McMurdo Sound, all give news of the expedition's progress, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] 12 leaves, photograph of holograph
  • MS 1073/1-3;D Letters (3) to T E Thorpe, March to April 1901 [Discussion of pemmican to be taken on the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904] Xerox copy of holograph and typescript
  • Museum Register 239 Letter to Oriana Wilson, (wife of Edward Adrian Wilson) [March 1912] 2 leaves, holograph [Mounted in glass frame]
  • MS 1178/13-14;D Letter to Charles Wright, and memoranda, 21 May 1910 and undated [Asks for a short account of the work Wright proposes to do, memo on the care of horses] holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 758/1;D Letter to the [Royal Aeronautical Society], 1 September [1901] [Declines offer of signalling apparatus] holograph (copy)
  • MS 1039/1;D Letter to Sail making firm, 8 December 1904 [Regarding a suit of sails on Discovery] holograph (Xerox)
  • MS 785/3;D Letter to unknown correspondent, 28 July [1901] [Enclosing subscription for Royal Aeronautical Society] holograph
  • MS 1453/165;D Letter to an unknown correspondent, November [1911] [To a friend in Pretoria on setting out on his southern journey, British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913] copy in Kathleen Scott's hand
  • MS 366/11/1-2 Letter of appointment to British National Antarctic Expedition and reply 1900, 3 leaves
  • MS 366/16/18-25;ER Correspondence, 1904 to 1905 [Regarding possibility of visits abroad]
  • MS 366/16/26-31;ER Correspondence with the publishers John Murray and Reginald Smith
  • MS 366/16/37-39;ER Correspondence regarding awarding him an honorary degree in science, University of Cambridge, 14 June 1905
  • MS 1160/18;D [SCOTT ROBERT FALCON] Miscellaneous correspondence

Administrative / Biographical History

The correspondence covers letters written about or during the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904 and the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. There are also letters relating to the development of motor sledges for polar use, Scott's naval career and personal letters.


The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by recipient.

Alternative Form Available

MS 575/5;MJ, MS 1201;MJ, MS 1160/12;MJ are copies.

Related Material

For additional correspondence to Geikie regarding the expeditions of Scott and Shackleton see SPRI archival collections GB 015 Douglas Mawson and GB 15 Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and GB 15 Edgar Spyer and GB 15 Edward Adrian Wilson.

For additional information on the development of motor sledges for polar work see SPRI archival collections GB 015 Jean Baptiste Charcot and GB 15 Bernard Day.

Many of the archival collections held by the Institute contain letters written to Scott.

Location of Originals

The following documents were held at these repositories when the Institutes catalogue of archival holdings was published in 1982. MS 575/5;D and MS 1177/2;D Mitchell Library Sydney Australia, MS 739;D Alexander Turnbull Library Wellington New Zealand MS 888/2;D Pennsylvania State University Library USA, MS 1483/3/1-2;D Derby City Museum England and MS 758/1;D Royal Aeronautical Society

The letter to Mrs Wilson is on public display in the SPRI museum (See Scott Polar Research Institute, Museum for opening times).