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The first member of the Shillingford family to have been involved in brewing was William Shillingford of Eynsham in the 1850s. His sons, Charles and Thomas Henry, took over and expanded the business, which underwent several changes in partnership, as seen in L1 below.

In 1893 Shillingford & Co. (as it had become known) was taken over by Hanley & Co. of the City Brewery in Oxford (see B15/6 below). When Hanley & Co. were themselves taken over by Halls Brewery in 1898, the properties of Shillingford & Co. which they still held were passed on to Halls.

One of the following properties had a slightly different history from the rest, namely the Star and Garter in Oxford St. Michael (9D below). This was bought by William Shillingford, but then appears to have descended through a different branch of the family which traded as "Shillingford & Blake", and were based at Oxford. The Star and Garter is the only property associated with this branch in B15, and was bought by the Halls in 1894.