Lease for a Year (Release missing)

Scope and Content


1. a) William Sheldon (as in 2D/7).

b) Stephen Davis (as in 2D/3).

c) Isaac King (as in 2D/3).

2. John Thorp of Oxford, Mercer.

PROPERTY: a) Tenement known as the Dolphin and Anchor, with stables and outhouses, being the southernmost of 3 messuages built by 1b and 1c on the site of a messuage on St. Tolls Street.

b) A Boatyard or wharf, formerly a garden ground, with boathouses and tackle houses there, in Grandpont, St. Aldates.

COMMENTS: Although the Release accompanying this deed is lost, 2D/14 below suggests that it formally divided properties (a) and (b), so that 1b got property (a) and 1c property (b).