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Fanzines and amateur periodicals

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Contains the various magazines created by amateur societies, devoted to various British comedy programmes and their stars. These fanzines have been collected (and in some cases, written) by Malcolm Chapman. The first 10 sections collected here are devoted to Tony Hancock. Other comedians with their own fanzines include Hancock's frequent colleagues, Hattie Jacques, Sid James and Kenneth Williams, as well as music hall legend Max Miller. Other fanzines are devoted more generally to post-war comedy.


Each fanzine has its own section, and is arranged in chronological order. Many have gaps. The fanzines are as follows:

  • THM/432/8/1 - Tony Hancock Appreciation Society (including minutes, correspondence and newspaper articles).
  • THM/432/8/2 - East Cheam Bugle magazines [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/3 - Mystery Tour magazines [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/4 Hall Green Tribune magazines [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/5 - Giggleswick Times [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/6 - Piltdown Glory [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/7 - The Scandal Magazine [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/8 - The Missing Page [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/9 - Railway Cuttings [Tony Hancock]
  • THM/432/8/10 - Tony Hancock Archives Magazine
  • THM/432/8/11 - Memorabilia collectors magazines (Hancock Collector's Club and Tony Hancock Tape Club)
  • THM/432/8/12 - Hattie Jacques Appreciation Society
  • THM/432/8/13 - Stop Messing About [Kenneth Williams and Sid James]
  • THM/432/8/14 - Cor, British comedy magazine
  • THM/432/8/15 - Laughter Lines
  • THM/432/8/16 - Max Miller Appreciation Society
  • THM/432/8/17 - Savers of Television and Radio Shows (S.T.A.R.S)
  • THM/432/8/18 - Old-Time Radio Show Collectors Association (O.R.C.A)