ACPO Subject Files

Scope and Content

The files in this series contain a range of documents grouped by subject. Documents featured include minutes and minute extracts, correspondence, reports and circulars. Although some information regarding contents has been given in the description field, it is not a complete representation of each file's contents.

Many of the files contain fragile papers, and documents such as the minute extracts have the potential to become detached from the main file. As a result, extreme care should be taken when consulting items from within this series.

The files in this series have retained their original titles, and are arranged in the order in which they were deposited, although some have been removed and relocated to other parts of the catalogue. An earlier referencing system is present within this series and can be searched using the previous reference number. The following historic references are present within this series.

Prefix Meaning

AC Accidents

ADMIN Administration

ALW Allowances

AN Animals

COMP Computers

COMS Communications

CONF Conferences

CR Crime

CTT Committees

CYP Children and Young Persons

GM General Matters

GP General Purposes

IA International

FIN Finance

OPS Operations

ORG Organisations

PPI Pensions and Salaries

PR Public Relations

QS Quality of Service


TRF Traffic

TRG or TR Training

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader