The Ray Pahl Collection

Scope and Content

The study covers the period 1961 to the present and represents all of his research interests with a particular reference to employment, communities and urban/rural life.

Administrative / Biographical History

In the 1960s Ray Pahl undertook pioneering research into the changing nature of rural society, and the phenomenon of the new commuter villages in the Hertfordshire 'rural-urban fringe'. This early interest in middle-class life led to his collaborative research work, with Professor Jan Pahl, into Managers and their Wives: a study of career and family relationships in the middle class (1971). On his appointment as Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent his research attentions shifted both socially and geographically, as he began to explore the predominantly working class life of the Isle of Sheppey. This resulted in several major studies which focused on Sheppey from 1978 to the mid 1980s. Some of these Sheppey studies stand alone, others are follow-ups; but much of the material deposited with the National Social Policy and Social Change Archive also formed the basis for Pahl's investigation of the changing patterns of work in all its forms, published in 1984 as Divisions of Labour.

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The materials held in the collection contain personal and identifying information. It is essential that the privacy of all respondents is not infringed. No real names or any other identifiable information used in the studies may appear in public. No attempt may be made to contact respondents directly. Use of the materials to derive information relating specifically to an identified individual or to claim to have done so is prohibited.

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Custodial History

The collection was held by Ray Pahl as part of his personal papers until 1997. Then it was prepared for archiving by Qualidata and deposited in the NSPSCA. A life story interview with Pahl was conducted as part of the archiving project.


Additional material continues to be added.


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Additional Information

National Social Policy and Social Change Archive (NSPSCA), Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex.