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Bainbridge Papers. Vol. lxix. Notebook of draft passages of novels and short stories; early 1970s. Written in a Duckworth publisher’s dummy with sample pages of Jane Waller’s A Stitch in Time.

285 x 255 mm.

1. ff. 28 v-71v. Passages and plot outline of The Dressmaker.

2.ff. 72r-73r. Passages from The Bottle Factory Outing.

3.ff. 77r-78r. 'Just William', a passage involving an encounter with a stranger at a harvest festival. For related passages, see Add. 83793 and 83798.

4.f. 79r. Passage from an unidentified work.

5. f. 82v. Passage from The Dressmaker.

6. f. 86v. Passages from The Dressmaker and The Bottle Factory Outing[?].

7.ff. 87r-91v. In reverse: passages from The Bottle Factory Outing.

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