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Bainbridge Papers. Vol. lxxi. Notebook containing passages of multiple novels and articles; circa 1991. Draft passages of The Birthday Boys (ff. 2v-5r, 15v, 19v, 20r-22r, 25r-27r, 27v?, 31r-32r, 35v, 38r?, 39v-40r, 42v-43r, 46v, 51v-52r) and Bainbridge's stage adaptation of An Awfully Big Adventure (ff. 6v-8r, 12r, 41v, 48v-49r) with related notes; draft articles for the Evening Standard (ff. 9r-11r, 14r?, 16v-17v?, 33r?); notes on the progress of individual creative writing students and the process of novel-writing (ff. 3v, 13r-v); notes possibly relating to a stage adaptation of Injury Time (f. 49v); notes relating to conditions in Poland, especially in Krakow and Warsaw, at the time of Bainbridge's visit and during the Second World War [possibly for an Evening Standard column] (ff. 1v-2r?, 18r, 24r, 51v); draft letter, incomplete (f.36r); memoranda concerning the work Bainbridge undertook, 1990-1991, and the resulting income (ff. 48r, 50r, 53v-54r).

305 x 215 mm.

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