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Bainbridge Papers. Vol. lxi. (ff. ). Press pack for the film of 'Sweet William'; 1979. The pack, produced by Kendon Films of Berwick St., London, includes a cast list and credits; biographies of the main actors, the director, producers and Bainbridge; plot synopsis; photographs of 'a selection from the first two days of filming' depicting Sam Waterston, Jenny Agutter and Geraldine James[?].

Sam Waterston, actor: Jennifer Ann Agutter, actress: Geraldine James, actress: Photographs of Sam Waterston , Jennifer Ann Agutter and Geraldine James: 1979.

Kendon Films; London; Film Company: Documents rel. to 'Sweet William', produced by Kendon Films: 1977-1979.

Whatham Claude, film director: Documents rel. to 'Sweet William' directed by Whatham Claude: 1977-1979.

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