Bainbridge Papers. Vol. lxv (ff. ). File entitled 'Unpublished pieces'; cir ... 

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Bainbridge Papers. Vol. lxv (ff. ). File entitled 'Unpublished pieces'; circa 1940s-1956, n.d. For a letter concerning 'A Walk in the Park', see Add. 83735; for further passages of 'William and the Harvest Festival', see Add. 83797-83798.

1.ff. 2-4. Poetry; circa 1940s. Autograph.

2. ff. 5-78. Autograph and typewritten draft passages of short stories, novels and autobiographical texts:

ff. 5-61. 'Ceedy Man' stories, annotated, 'broadcast on Children's Hour Manchester, 1956'; typewritten and illustrated.

ff.62-68. Autograph and typewritten draft passages featuring characters Alma and Heine.

ff. 69-74. 'A Walk in the Park', typewritten story.

ff. 75-76. 'Christmas ― My delight', typewritten autobiographical article.

ff. 77-78. Untitled semi-autobiographical piece, beginning, 'A lot of the time I spend on the telephone'; typewritten.

3.ff. 79-198. Untitled typewritten plays and screenplays:

ff. 79-114. Play revolving around Eve, a girl who throttles her mother by 'John Baptiste. (nom de plume)'.

ff. 115-123. Play concerning the imminent arrival of the three husbands of 'Aimee'; imperfect.

ff. 124-196. Play or screenplay concerning the paternity of a stillborn child (two versions, the first (ff. 124-149) containing dialogue and only minimal directions; the second (ff. 150-196) including camera directions).

f. 197-198. Synopsis of a film or play involving visits to George, a prison inmate, entitled 'Over the Edge'.

4.f. 199. Autograph notes relating to 'William and the Harvest Festival'.

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