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TA/AB Anne Born . 1 box. Contains the manuscript of Born's translation of Karen Blixen, (Isak Dinesen), Letters From Africa . The book was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1981, subsequently by Wiedenfeld and Nicholson, London, using the MS sheets.

TA/AV Anthony Vivis . 12 boxes. Contains the translation papers of Anthony Vivis (1943-2013), a former fellowship holder at UEA. Vivis translated many 20th century post-war German plays into English. A number of translations were written jointly with his wife, Tinch Minter. The papers were gifted to UEA in 2014 by Vivis' former colleague and friend, Dieter Beier. Works by the following authors have been translated: Jacob Arjouni, Rose Ausländer, Bertolt Brecht, Christine Bruckner, Klaus Chatten, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Istvan Eörsi, R. W. Fassbinder, J.W. Goethe, John Grillo, Peter Hacks, Heinrich Henkel, Rudolf Herfurtner, Elfriede Jelinek, Manfred Karge, A. Pushkin, Eli Keenan, Bernard-Marie Koltes, Fitzgerald Kusz, Felix Mitterer, Moliere, Ulrich Plenzdorf, Christoph Ransmayr, Gerlind Reinshagen, Friedrich Schiller, Friederike Roth, Gaston Salvatore, W. Shakespeare, Botho Strauss, Martin Sperr, Thomas Strittmater, Ernst Toller.

TA/DB David Bellos . 9 boxes. Contains drafts, working documents, and corrected copies of David Bellos' translations of the works of the French writer Georges Perec. Also included are MS notes, limited correspondence, and printed ephemera produced from 1985 to 1992.

Works translated by Bellos and included in this archive are: La Vie Mode d'Emploi / Life a User's Manual ; Georges Perec's great novel compendium containing All you need to know about life; W, ou, Le Souvenir d'Enfance / W, or, The Memory of Childhood ; Les Choses: une Histoire des Annes Soixante / Things: a Story of the Sixties ; Un Homme Qui Dort / A Man Asleep ; 53 Jours / 53 Days ; and Le Voyage d'Hiver / The Winter Journey .

TA/JF John Fletcher . 7 boxes. Professor John Fletcher is Emeritus Professor of European Literature of the School of Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia.

This series contains drafts and working documents of John and sometimes Beryl Fletcher's translations of the following works: Les Georgiques / The Georgics by Claude Simon; Une Mission Impossible? / The Red Cross and the Holocaust , by Jean-Claud Favez; Celui Qui Court Derriere L'oiseau by Marie Nimier; A Pocket Philosophical Dictionary by Voltaire; The Power of Journalism by Pierre Bourdieu; Camus Fragments ; Hervé Guibert by Jean- Pierre Boulé; a translation of a paper by Denis Matringe for the journal Diogenes ; essays on Mohammed Dib, Albert Memmi and Kateb Yacine for the Scribner's dictionary, African Writers , and correspondence relating to them; Le Livre des Religion , and related correspondence; miscellaneous draft translations and correspondence; original and partial translation of Le Rêve de Confucius by Jean Lévy ; Trois Femme Puissantes by Marie Ndiaye; Gwenned by Jonathan Fune; Aime Cesaire (commentary); Horace (verse translation); Jacques Prevert (verse translation); Samuel Beckett (verse translation); Bob Dylan (verse translation); The Sentinel / Le Sentinelle (English by J. Fletcher, translated into French by Helene Coustillas in collaboration with J. Fletcher)

TA/PV Paul Verlaine .1 box. These papers were collected by Magda Whitrow some years before she deposited them with the British Centre for Literary Translation in 2002.,

Contains translations of the works of the French poet Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), (not originals).

The following works are translated: La Bonne Chanson , Poèmes Saturniens , Fêtes Galantes , Romances sans Paroles, Sagesse , and Jadis et Naguère.

Translations are in German, by Paul Zech, Max Lehrs, Stefan George, Franz Evers, Stefan Zweig, Richard Schaukal, Gustav von Festenberg, Paul Wiegler, Richard Dehmel, Karl Henckell, Max Brod, Walter Hasenclever, Fritz Koegel, Klabund, Wolf Graf Kalckreuth, Paul Stefan, Johannes Schlaf, Sigmar Mehring, Leo Greiner, Max Lehrs, Otto Hauser, Hermann Hesse, Kurt Hans Willecke, K.L. Ammer, Artur Kahane, Caesar Flaischlen, Artur Silbergleit, Theodor Daubler, Richard Dehmel, Otto Freiherr von Taube, and Christoph Flaskamp.

Administrative / Biographical History

The Literary Translation Archive arises out of the work of UEA's British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) with additional deposits from former UEA staff. The first series of papers was deposited by the BCLT in 1995.

Since 2015 this collection is incorporated in the British Archive for Contemporary Writing (BACW).


TA Translation Archive

  • TA/AB Ann Borne, 1980-1981
  • TA/AV Anthony Vivis, 1965-2004
  • TA/DB David Bellos, 1985-1992
  • TA/JF John Fletcher, 1989-1999
  • TA/PV Paul Verlaine

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Other than where a specific access restriction is noted, the collection is open for consultation in the Archives.

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