Lease (Counterpart) (demise grant and to farm let)

Scope and Content

1. Edward Machell Viscount Irwin.

2. William Brooke of Killingbecke, gent.,

Consideration: payment of rents &c.

Proprty: two closes of arable meadow or pasture called Wike Bridge Closes (14 a.) near Killingbecke in the manor of Temple Newsam; except trees, mines, quarries (save for repair) liberty to dig &c.

Term: 21 years.

Rent: £7. 19s. 0d. a year; £5 a year for every acre ploughed during the last 3 years of the term.

Covenants. for re-entry if rent unpaid for 20 days or premises assigned without licence;

to pay rent, taxes &c.

for repair

for quiet enjoyment.

Sig. and seal of 2. red wax appl on fold, gem.

Witnesses (endorsed): Jo.Roades, John Roades junior.

Memo. endorsed: `renew this to Eliz.Brook widow from Candlemas next... from my Lady Ann - Mrs.Brook afterwards refused it and it was renewed to Mr. Wilks.'

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Parchment 20 x 13 indented.