Lease (Counterpart) (demise lease set and to farm let)

Scope and Content

1. Arthur Viscount Irwin

2. Richard Burrow of Leeds, joyner.

Consideration payment of rents, etc

Property: close of land in Colton called Overgarth (1 acre) in tenure of 2. adjoining his messuage;

Except timber quarries and mines, save wood for repairs

Term 21 years,

Rent 20sh. a year also £5 a year for the said close if during the last 3 years of the term it be converted into tillage; payable at Pentecost and St.Martin's.

Covenants for re-entry if rent unpaid for 20 days or premises

assigned without licence;

2. to rents and taxes;

for repair and good husbandry;

for quiet enjoyment.

Sig. 2. seal, red wax appl. on fold, lett.

Witnesses (endorsed): Jo.Roades, Jo. Thompson.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Parchment 24 x 14 indented