Lease (demise lease set and to farm let)

Scope and Content

1. Edward Machell Viscount Irwin

2. William Dixon of Whitkirke Lane End, yeoman.

Consideration: payment of rent, etc.

Property: one smythy shop and part of the other building and fold erected on the said Viscount's land, also Moore close (4 a.) in Colton and Shagnes in Halton between the lands of Mr. Iveson and Edmund Graveley, 1 r. and 1/2 a balk in Gillsike field, late Benjamin Wilson's, then in occupation of 2.

Except, timber, save wood for repairs, with liberty for lessor to dig for coal stone and other minerals.

Term 21 years

Rent £4. 16s. 8d. a year payable at Pentecost and St.Martin's

Covenants for re-entry if rent unpaid for 20 days or premises; assigned without licence;

to pay rent and taxes;

for repair;

to manure in husbandlike manner and not to plow &c. any part of Moore close during the last 3 years under penalty of £5 for every acre so plowed; suit of mill;

to plant 4 oak, ash or elm trees;

to keep greyhound or spaniel

for quiet enjoyment.

Sig. 1. seal defaced. Witnesses:Jno.Ray, Ro.Hopkinson.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Paper 27 x 17 indented