Lease (counterpart) (demise lease set and to farm let)

Scope and Content

Parties 1. Rt.Hon.Henry Lord Viscount Irwin

2. Sarah Barron of Leeds, widow

Parcels a messuage or tenement and 3 cottages or tenements with new barn adjoining, in Holbeck; a leadhouse on Holbeck Moore, and 2 closes and a croft (5 a. 2 r.) in Holbeck; Woods Close (3 a.) in Holbeck;

except rights of way, timber, mines, &c.

Term 21 Years from 2 Feb.last

Rent £16. a year 5s. -d. for boons and rent pullen

Covenants regulating ploughing and for benefit of the land

Seal, (paper) appl.

Stamp 1s. 6d.

Witnesses: Hans Busk, Sam.Keeling

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Paper 26 x 18 indented printed