Lease and counterpart (demise lease set and to farm let)

Scope and Content

Parties 1. Edward Machell, Viscount Irwin

2. Robert Shore, of Colton, yeoman

Consideration: £7. 12s. 0d. payment of rents &c.

Parcels a messuage or tenement wherein 2. dwells, with barn, orchard and garth (2a. 2r.), pitt close (1a.), 3 Summer closes, 2 High closes (8a.), 1a.2r. arable land, 1 r. whereof lies in William Hardwick's Butt close, in Lowpitt field, and 1 a. in upper pitt field, 3 a. 2r. in Kirkefield and 2 r. in Crainwell, 3a. in Northfield, 2 r. in Benjamin Hutton's close, 1 a. 1 r. in Highfielde containing in all 11a. 1 r. all in Colton.

Except timber, mines and quarries, save wood for repairs.

Term 21 years

Rent £7. 12s. 0d. a year payable at Pentecost and St. Martins;

£5 per acre for every acre converted into tillage &c.

2 capons at Pentecost and 2 hens on 1st Jan.

Covenants as No. WYL100/CO/23 but lessee to plant 6 trees and carry 6 ruckles of coal

Lease signed by 1. seal, red wax appl on parchment strip through fold, arm.

Counterpart by 2. seal, red wax appl on parchment strip through fold, dev.

Endorsements: Witnesses: Jo.Roades, Wm.Knipe

9 Oct. 1728 produced in Court at Leeds to Robert Hopkinson in Arthur Viscount Irwin v. Wm.Lowther.

Also, steward's Note of an agreement for lease

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Parchment indented