Lease and Counterpart (demise lease set and to farm let)

Scope and Content

1. Edward Machell Viscount Irwin.

2. Samuel Walker of Hunsleet Lane, clothmaker.

Consideration: payment of rents, etc

Property: the little old Fee house and barn now put into good repair and the large barn and dwellinghouse with other buildings and folds belonging: 2 closes of land arable meadow and pasture (50 a.); 2 closes called the Upperfield and Sheepfield (30 a.); the Brod Ing (30 a.) and the Lowfield (35 a.); a close called the Holme (13 a. of meadow) and 2 Halton Ings (8 a.) in the parish of Leeds and constabulary of Temple Newsam and tithe free, late in occupation of 1. now of 2. and the great tithes of all the proceeds, and all appurtenances; except trees, ways, mines, quarries &c with liberty to work same (save wood for repairs) and liberty to hunt, hawk fish &c.

Term: 21 years.

Rent: £73 a year payable at Pentecost and St. Martin's; £5 a year for every acre of the Holme and the Ings converted into tillage and £5 a year for every acre of the other premises converted into tillage during the last 4 years of the term;

2 capons on the 1st Jan.


for re-entry on non-payment of rent for 20 days or assignment without licence;

to pay rent, taxes &c.

detailed covenants as to manuring, cropping &c.

for repair;

to carry 10 wainloads of coal to manor house of Temple Newsam yearly;

suit of mill;

to plant 20 trees yearly;

to keep one greyhound or spaniel;

for quiet enjoyment;

Mark of 1 and 2. seal, red wax on fold, arm.[Irwin] on lease and counterpart

Witnesses on lease. John Ray, Ro.Hopkinson.

Witnesses (endorsed). Ro.Hopkinson, Wm.Croft, Jon. Thompson,

Memo. that 2. usually signed his name but had gout in his right hand.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Parchment 30 x 19 indented.