Respondent's Case

Scope and Content

To be heard at the Bar of the House of Lords 11 Feb. 1750/1 (printed). Between the surviving trustees of the advowson of Leeds Parish Church (Mr. Wilson and others and their nominee, the Reverend James Scott) and Thomas Denison, Robert Denison, William Preston, Francis Milner, Henry Pawson, Edmund Barker, Richard Tottie, Francis Blayds, John Brooke, Robert Dixon, Henry Smithson, Sir Henry Ibbotson, Baronet, and their nominee the Reverend Samuel Kirshaw. Reciting that at a meeting of the trustees of the Advowson, purchased by the parishioners c.1600, which was held in 1746 to elect a successor to Joseph Cookson, Scott and Kirshaw received equal votes; later a small group elected Scott without informing the remainder, who in 1749 obtained a decree quashing this election. The supporters of Scott brought the present action in Chancery to reverse this decree.