Public Office


WYL100/PO/1 Secretary to the Council of the North 1585-1636

WYL100/PO/2 Military

WYL100/PO/2A General

WYL100/PO/2A/I 1639-1648

WYL100/PO/2A/II 1668-1720

WYL100/PO/2B Civil War Assessments

WYL100/PO/2B/I 1642

WYL100/PO/2B/II 1643-1644

WYL100/PO/2B/III 1645-1646

WYL100/PO/2B/IV 1646-1649

WYL100/PO/2C The Military Career of Rich. 5th Viscount Irwin

WYL100/PO/2C/1 Appointments 1709-1715

WYL100/PO/2C/1/II Accounts 1717-1722

WYL100/PO/2C/1/III Bills and Receipts (Misc.) 1717-1720

WYL100/PO/2C/1/IV Bills and Receipts (Richard Worthington,Agent) 1717-1720

WYL100/PO/2C/1/V Correspondence 1715-1720

WYL100/PO/2D Military Estimates prepared for `Mr. Ingram'. 1717

WYL100/PO/3 Lord Lieutenant: Yorkshire

WYL100/PO/3A Appointments: Lord Lieutenants 1641-1758

WYL100/PO/3B Appointments: Deputy Lieutenants 1641-1758

WYL100/PO/3C Correspondence, Memorials and Reports 1714-1758

WYL100/PO/3D Returns of personnel from the Associated Companies 1745-1746

WYL100/PO/3E Accounts 1745-1746

WYL100/PO/3F Miscellaneous 1693-1745

WYL100/PO/4 Vice Admiral: Yorkshire

WYL100/PO/4A Appointment 1692

WYL100/PO/4B Admiralty Warrants 1692-1701

WYL100/PO/4C Vice Admirals Warrants 1692-1694

WYL100/PO/4D Press Masters Bonds 1692-1697

WYL100/PO/4E Press Masters: Miscellaneous Certificates and Petitions 1693-1696

WYL100/PO/4F Lists and Receipts of Impressed Men and Yorkshire Seamen generally 1692-1696

WYL100/PO/4G Press Masters and Conductors Accounts 1693-1697

WYL100/PO/4H Individual receipted accounts of disbursements by the agent 1694-1697

WYL100/PO/4I Press Masters and Conductors vouchers and receipts for expenses 1693-1696

WYL100/PO/4J Correspondence 1692-1701

WYL100/PO/4K Miscellaneous 1628-1778

WYL100/PO/5A Governor General of Barbados 1720/1

WYL100/PO/5 Commissary General, Minorca

WYL100/PO/5/I Warrants 1735

WYL100/PO/5/II Accounts 1736-1740

WYL100/PO/5/III Correspondence. Series A

WYL100/PO/5/IV Correspondence. Series B

WYL100/PO/5/V Miscellaneous.

WYL100/PO/6 The Farm of the English Customs

WYL100/PO/6/I General Accounts 1604-1730

WYL100/PO/6/II Legal papers and deeds, general. 1605-1645

WYL100/PO/6/III Legal papers, deeds and accounts: wines. 1605-1635

WYL100/PO/6/IV Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Silks etc. 1606-1614.

WYL100/PO/6/V Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Butter. 1638

WYL100/PO/6/VI Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Coal. 1626-1634

WYL100/PO/6/VII Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Currants. 1604-1623

WYL100/PO/6/VIII Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Gold and Silver Thread. c. 1633

WYL100/PO/6/IX Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Tobacco. 1628

WYL100/PO/6/X Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Wood. 1628-1717

WYL100/PO/6/XI Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Starch. 1607-1610

WYL100/PO/6/XIA Legal papers, deeds and accounts: Cloth. 1606

WYL100/PO/6/XII Exemptions: Duke of Holstein. 1603-1612

WYL100/PO/6/XIII Miscellaneous

WYL100/PO/7 The Farm of the Irish Customs

WYL100/PO/7/I General accounts 1612-1638

WYL100/PO/7/II Correspondence 1631-1638

WYL100/PO/7/III Legal and administrative papers 1500, 1613-1634

WYL100/PO/7/IV Tallow c. 1633

WYL100/PO/8 The Farm of the Alum

WYL100/PO/8/I Deeds and warrants 1609-1641

WYL100/PO/8/II Petitions c. 1630

WYL100/PO/8/III Law Suits 1616-1640

WYL100/PO/8/IV Accounts of money and stock 1596-1630

WYL100/PO/8/V Bonds 1617-1638

WYL100/PO/8/VI Memoranda 1605-1636

WYL100/PO/8/VII Correspondence 1614-1639

WYL100/PO/8/VIII Miscellaneous

WYL100/PO/9 Miscellaneous Offices

WYL100/PO/10 Parliamentary Papers