Port Book

Scope and Content

Accounts showing collection of customs on coal.

Accounts shewing the first year's collection of customs on coal drawn up by Job Harbie for Henry, Earl of Holland.

`An account for the first year's collection of the new Increase of custom upon seacoles exported by virtue of Letters Patent of 11 Apr 1634 being 4s. -d. upon every great chaldron, which is demised by other Letters Patent dated 2 Jul 1634 to Henry Lucas, John White and Job Harbie for 31 years reserving £100 for 7 years and £500 for the remainder. One-third part thereof being for the use of the Rt. Hon. Henry Earl of Holland, one-third for Edward Earl of Dorset and one-third for Job Harbie by deeds under their hands and seals bearing date 9 Feb. 1634/5.'

Gives name of ship and port of registration and name of master; number of chaldrons and amount of duty payable and deductions for collection; shews amount of profits to be divided among the patentees. Accounts arranged under the various ports of England and Wales exporting coal.