Answer to a Bill

Scope and Content

In Elizabeth Hampden v. Sir Arthur Ingram the elder.

Reciting the above lease and claiming that it was assigned to him thereunder (no date given).

Reciting also that James I conveyed the mills, among other things, to Queen Anne as part of her jointure (c.1610). That Queen Anne appointed Commissioners to grant leases of her jointure, among them Thomas Lord Knyvett who, rejecting Sir Arthur's offer of more than £300 for a renewal of his lease, granted the reversion to Sir Edward Moseley (in trust for his own use for 100 marks only. On Lord Knyvett's death his wife acted as executrix and on her death the Plaintiff became possessed of the reversion as executrix of Lady Knyvett. The plaintiff has obtained an assignment of the lease to Moseley (who did not know his name had been used) and now wished to sell this for £2,000.

Suit begun by Attorney General in Common Pleas (?) to annul the lease to Moseley.