Stewards' Accounts

Scope and Content

The first group of accounts is fragmentary and mainly in poor condition. There are no final account books for this period, the accounts being written on paper - some stitched together and the day books sometimes bound in a parchment cover. They comprise the day to day receipts of money and disbursements, usually balanced monthly. Every few months they would appear to have been sent to Sir Arthur Ingram for inspection, passed by him and returned to the steward.

They are the accounts of John Matteson but written in several different handwriting. The small upright hand would appear to be that of Richard Stones servant to John Matteson - but there are two John Mattesons (uncle and nephew) in Sir Arthur's service and it is difficult to distinguish their accounts. What appears to be the writing of John Matteson senior (sloping and largely illegible) continues to 1648 but from the correspondence he appears to have died about Dec 1642.

The books date from 1600 when John Matteson was in the service of David Waterhouse (Halifax) so that the earlier accounts do not concern Sir Arthur Ingram. He went Arthur about or soon after 1610.