Scope and Content

(i) Janet Lindsay Whitley Deans Dundas of Zion Hall, Clifton, co. Somerset, widow, and John Archer Houblon of Hallingbury Place, co. Essex, esq. (guardians of Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas, infant, appointed under order of High Court of Chancery, 07 Jan 1863).

(ii) Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas.

(iii) Hugh Fenton of Aston Hall, Hawarden, co. Flint, engineer, Edgar Fenton of Huddersfield, co. York, gent., William McCullock of Leeswood, co. Flint, gent., John Crossley of Halifax, co. York, carpet manufacturer, James Meek of York, esq., Henry Johnson McCullock of York, mining engineer, and Alfred Allott of Sheffield, co. York, accountant.

Mines and seams of coal, cannel, ironstone, and fireclay under lands in Ewloe, Hawarden, with powers to sink mines, work coals, etc. to (iii).

Plan annexed.

Term: 30 years.

Royalties: 1s per ton cannel, 6d per ton coal, 3d per ton carbonaceous shale, ironstone, fireclay, etc., 2s per 1000 bricks from surface clay etc.

Other royalties and rents specified.

Copy of D/HA/916, with memorandum (endorsed) that above property demised to Aston Hall Colliery Company Ltd. is charged with sum of £5,000 advanced by Mary Benson Fox of Todwick Grange, near Rotherham, co. York, spinster.


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