Scope and Content

(i) Sir Stephen Richard Glynne of Hawarden Castle, co. Flint, baronet.

(ii) John Rigby late of Liverpool, co. Lancs., now of Great Neston, co. Chester, esq., William Rigby late of Holywell, co. Flint, now of Liverpool, esq., William Hancock late of Hawarden, now of Padeswood, co. Flint, esq., and James Hancock of Manchester, co. Lancs., esq.

That part of Buckley Railway belonging to (i) in Pentrobin and Ewloe townships, Hawarden leading from Buckley Mountain to junction with railway belonging to Admiral Dundas in Ewloe, and branch railway leading from wharf belonging to Admiral Dundas at Queensferry to wharf beloning to (i) at Queensferry, with exclusive right (with exceptions) to ship bricks, tiles, coal, fire clay and other fire clay goods, only from lands (specified).

Plans endorsed.

Term: 16 years.

Rent: £50.

£2.10s. per acre of land used for construction of any railway, 1d. per ton of bricks, tiles etc. (not being produce of lands of (i) or Admiral Dundas) carried on branch railways.

Other royalties specified.

D/HA/1199 is an incomplete copy.


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