Rabeneck (Rabenek) Family

Scope and Content

Eduard (Edward) (1858-1937) & Lev (Leo) (1883-1972) Rabenek (Rabeneck) recollections of "Tovarishchestvo manufaktur Liudvig Rabenek v Moskve" and Rabeneck family history (1929-1935, nd) 1-5. Lev Rabenek "Chekhov's Last Minutes", English translation by Harvey Pitcher (nd) 6. Iu N Solov'eva (ed) "Podmoskovnye fabrikanty Rabeneki: Sbornik statei" (Moscow, 2004) 7. J N Solovjova (Iu N Solov'eva), A Rabeneck, "The Rabenecks: Moscow Manufacturers", 2 vols (Moscow, 2008) 8-9.

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