Papers on missions in Madagascar (file 2)

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Printed accounts of the Madagascar School Fund, no denomination given; fund raising in Britain [possibly Society of Friends / LMS] 17 Aug 1864; Ms. notes on the bringing of Christianity to various Madagascar tribes. Incomplete. n.d. [post 1862]; Letter from Richard H. Smith of the Friends Foreign Missions Association, to J B Hodgkin discussing the publication of a Madagascar map. 29 Apr 1911; La tribune de Madagascar et dependences, Tananrive. 24 & 27 Jan 191;1 Report by Leonard Hurst, LMS to Margaret Bachhouse, Friends House on Madagascar. 5 Apr 1949; Photograph of Malagasy family with caption in Malagasy. n.d. [c.1920]; Ms. in Malagasy, in envelope addressed to Madame Hodgkin. n.d. [1920]; 'What Madagascar owes to Christianity', Chronicle of the London Missionary Society, by Ramanbasoa. Oct 1920; Envelope sent to Mrs M Burke, Friends Service Council, including: Correspondence from Friends Foreign Mission Association missionaries in Madagascar, discussing work. Jan 1918; Ts. 'The life story of Mr Frank Rainizaivelo and his wife Mrs Ramatoa Razanabelo of Mahatsinjo, Randidrano' by F E Ramsey. 48 pp. 1952; Black and white negatives of local scenes in Madagascar. n.d.; Various photographs of missionaries and locals. n.d. [c.1920s]; Letter from Josiah Mason, Friends Foreign Mission Association (FFMA), Madagascar, to Mrs F E Ramsey discussing printing projects. 20 Oct 1953; Ts. notes in English on tribal magic beliefs. Article from Newsweek on South West Africa. 5 Jul 1971

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