Unbound Notebooks

Scope and Content

Seven unbound notebooks from the 1800s-1885 from either Johann Jürgen Sickert (1803-1864) or Oswald Adalbert Sickert (1828–1885), Walter Sickert's grandfather or father respectively. The papers are in (High?) German or Danish.

One note book seems to be about poets and writers such as Lord Byron, Goethe, Müller, L. Brachman, Leopold Schefer and includes quotations of their work. Another notebook seems to be a story or play about the seasons. There is also a ‘Punch & Judy’ story illustrated with seven small (around 7x6cm) illustrations of the characters stuck into the notebook. The illustrations are outlined in pen and then filled in sepia-coloured watercolour paints.

Not able at this stage to ascertain exactly who wrote the papers.