Exhibition Catalogues of family, friends and associates

Scope and Content

Five exhibition catalogues of family, friends and associates of W.S. Sickert (chronological).

‘Paintings by the late Spencer F. Gore’ February 1916 at Carfax & Co, 24 Bury St London. Catalogue has a preface by W.R. Sickert dated 1916.

‘Johann Jurgen Sickert and his son Oswald Adalbert Sickert and Fuessly’ The Goupil Gallery, London June –July 1922. Photocopy of an exhibition catalogue naming 59 works of oil and watercolour by Oswald, and 2 oils and 3 drawings by Johann. For original see S/SFC/2/1/7/5

‘Bernard Sickert: An exhibition of his pastels’ The Leicester Galleries, London November 1953. Exhibition catalogue listing 36 works in pastel by Bernard Sickert (1863-1932) W.R. Sickert’s brother.

‘Vision and design: The life, work and influence of Roger Fry’ Arts Council & University of Nottingham 1966. A comprehensive catalogue of the work of Roger Fry (1866-1934) artist and friend of the Sickert family. Two W.R. Sickert works were exhibited in this exhibition – ‘Vision, Volumes and Recession’ c1893 of Fry lecturing and ‘Queens Road Station, Bayswater’ c1915 acquired by Fry in 1919. Both are signed by Sickert.

‘Mainie Jellett’ The Octagon Gallery, Belfast and The Neptune Gallery Dublin, Feb-April 1976. Exhibition catalogue and a monograph by Bruce Arnold on Mainie Jellett (1897-1944) who was a pupil of W.R.Sickert at the Westminster Schools c1917.