Packet of Photographs

Scope and Content

Photographs of the dislodged weathervane

on the ground where it fell during

the gales. See also P143/24/N1/1.

Also photographs of the spire and roof


12 photographs, with negatives.

1. Dislodged weathervane lying on path.

2. Dislodged weathervane as above, from

a different direction.

3. Dislodged weathervane as above.

4. Burford Church spire.

5. Burford Church spire.

6. Section of church roof showing storm


7. Wrought iron support for weathervane

lying on the ground.

8. Close-up of inscription on the fly of

the weathervane, with a transcription

on the back of the photograph.

9. Section of church roof showing storm


10.Wrought iron support for the


11.Section of roof showing storm damage.

12.Weathervane on path alongside the