Gardening diary of William Child

Scope and Content

'The Gardener's Calendar for 1933' published by Sutton and Sons

In the front of the volume is a manuscript list of addresses in pencil, with some names, and the reference number of an Epsom Town Planning application

Early entries are brief and mainly relate to the weather with temperatures sometimes recorded (weather entries continue throughout): 'Stormy, mild', and temperatures are sometimes recorded: '4o Fine, sunny' (12 Jan), '14 o, bitterly cold E wind, blizzard, snow 4 inches' (24 Feb), 'Floods' (27 Feb), 'Stormy, cold as Christmas, had a good fire' (18 Jun)

Plant names and progress are occasionally recorded: 'Asters' (20 Mar), 'Early Giant pea (27 Mar), 'Lettuce Cos' (10 Apr), 'Plum out full bloom' (13 Apr), 'Pea Peerless' (28 Apr), 'Autocrat Pea' (2 Jun)

Tasks are noted: 'Cut down fuchsias' (3 Feb), 'Sowed broad beans, carrots in frame' (6 Feb), 'Rose pruning' (22 Mar), 'Invicta pea second sowing' (23 May), 'Traps want cleaning out' (8 Jun), 'Cinerarias sown' (21 Jun), 'Pelargoniums cut down' (1 Aug), 'Ordered Dobbie roses' (7 Dec)

Occasionally personal and other entries are included: 'Party' (2 Jan), 'Pea world record' (11 Mar), 'Sat out of doors' (12 Mar), 'Christening' (30 Apr), 'Gave notice' (28 Jul), 'Return card to Ministry of Health' (12 Aug), 'Apply for form for notifying change of address' (14 Aug), 'Notify removal of furniture to Atlas' (19 Aug), 'Last wages' (26 Aug), 'How long bungalow unoccupied. Inform at offices (rates) when occupied' (29 Aug), 'Went to Canterbury' (1 Nov), 'Mr Ash came in today Morialta, rent commences on Monday. Morialta 13 weeks empty' (1 Dec)

Further entries were made in later years, some in ink: 'Wilfred's accident 1936' (16 Feb), 'Nurse died 1937' (18 Mar), 'Lizzie came 1938 Tues to Sat' (18 Apr), 'Fan ill 35' (4 Jun), 'Wrote Laura 35' (14 Jun), 'Went to Sheffield 1935' (5 Jul), 'Herbert and Vera daughter born 1936' (8 Aug), 'Fan died 1935' (10 Aug), 'Went to Sheffield 1938' (12 Aug), 'Fan buried 1935 (13 Aug), 'Went to Sheffield Mon Sept 9th 1935. Buried John[?]' (9 Sep), 'Mrs Silk[?] died 1936' (7 Dec), 'Eve had a fall 1935' (23 Dec)

At the rear of the volume a section entitled 'Memoranda' includes a list of plants, both ornamental plants and vegetables, and an untitled recipe [?for a gardening product]. Following a section of pages cut out and removed is a list of expenses such as shirts, power points, coal, and piano and cartage. The final two pages bear two verses and a list [?of expenses], the latter struck through

Enclosed is a printed leaflet entitled 'Old age pensions at 65 for agricultural workers' published by the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, Sep 1925