Lease & Release with Assignment of Residue of Term of 500 Years

Scope and Content


1. Thynne Howe Gwynne the younger of

Gwernvale House, Brecknock, Esq.

2. Arabella Gorges of Gloucester,


3. Revd Joseph Bonner Cheston of

Gloucester, clerk, and Henry

Wellington of Brecknock, Esq.

4. Peter Still and James Somerville

Fownes of Lincolns Inn, gents

5. Robert Holliday

6. John Bishop

7. Willoughby Rackham (trustee)

8. John Jordan Ansell of Fulbrook, gent.

Property: Messuage, cottage, gardens and

lands (33 acres): Charles Close, Tylers

Grove Wood, Tylers Pasture, Water Close

Pasture, Upper Punter's Wood and

Punter's Close in Asthall (deeds of

lease & release of 1810 are recited).

Consideration: 1180.

Geographical Names