Post-nuptial Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) Thomas Salesburie of Alltvaynan, co. Denbigh, gent.

(ii) Peeter Mutton of Llewenie, co. Denbigh, esq., and William Mydelton of Gwaynynog, co. Denbigh, esq.

All (i)’s messuages and lands in Alltvaynan, Llewenie, Henllan, Twisog, Eriviat, Gwaynynog, Penporchell, Denbigh, Grigo, Bodiskaven and Wickwer, co. Denbigh, upon trusts (specified).

Consideration: marriage of Alexander, son and heir apparent of Robert Salesburie of Denbigh, brother of (i), and Alice, daughter of Thomas Jones of Halkyn, co. Flint, gent., and her portion of £140.