Deed to declare uses of a fine

Scope and Content

(i) David Brodie of Westminster, esq., and Mary, his wife, Elizabeth Aston of Litchfield, co. Stafford, spinster, Francis Gastrell of ... – ton, co. Chester, clerk, and Jane, his wife, William Rujean of Hornchurch, co. Essex, esq., and Sophia, his wife, Margaret Collins of ... orockhill, co. Worcester, widow.

(ii) Mary Thelwall of Blaenyale, co. Denbigh, widow.

(iii) Vincent Pryce of Wrexham, co. Denbigh, chirurgeon.

(iv) Griffith Speed of Wrexham, esq.

(v) Daniel Ashley of Frodsham, co. Chester.

(vi) Ellis Yonge of Acton, co. Denbigh.

Messuages and lands in Wrexham (specified) to be to the uses of (ii) for ever.

24/25 Jul 1760

Conditions Governing Access