Scope and Content

(i) David ap John Robert of Wrexham, co. Denbigh.

(ii) John Everton of Chester, merchant, and Edward Nicholas of Wrexham.

(iii) Bartholomew Davies, one of the sons of (i).

(iv) Phillip Davies, another of the sons of (i).

(v) John Davies, youngest son of (i).

(i) to remain seised of a messuage and moiety of an adjoining barn, lately used as a tithe barn, moiety of the tithes of grain of Wrexham, Wrexham Vawr, Wrexham Vechan, and Wrexham Abbott, co. Denbigh, to his own use for life and subsequently to the use of Elizabeth, his wife, and then to (iii), (iv) and (v) in turn, and also of other messuages and lands in Wrexham, to uses (specified).

Consideration: natural love and affection of (i) for Elizabeth, his wife, Hugh Davies, his eldest son and (iii), and Gwen, his wife, (iv), and (v) and to provide for them.