Will of Thomas Salusbury, citizen and Turnor of London.

Scope and Content

Bequeathes all his ground rents in the Strand near the Exchange, co. Middlesex to “my loving Nephew Thomas Salusbury, citizen and bookseller of London,” whom he also appoints his executor, upon condition that he pays to “my well-beloved brother Robert Salusbury of Henllan, co. Denbigh, gent.”, £200, to discharge his debts or those of his son, Edward; all sums issuing out of a rent of £60 thereafter shall be paid to “my loving freind Peter Evans, citizen and fishmonger of London”; bequeathes to his loveing nephew John Salusbury, also citizen and bookseller of London, £20 p.a., and “1 bed and bed cloaths, one Ring, also my New Periwigg”; “I give and bequeath all my linnen, chaires and Pewter to be equally divided into three parts”, for Thomas and John Salusbury and “Johanna Russell, my servant”; also to the latter £40 and her bed and bedstead, “2 paires of sheets, one wainescott chest of drawers with one silver porringer and four silver spoones together with all my brass and irons, also 10s. for a Ring;” bequeathes to his brother Edward Salusbury and his sister Katherine 10s each for rings; £5 to Captain William Walker; 10s to Mrs Ann Evans for a ring; £7 to Peter Evans and 10s for a ring; to Thomas Salusbury “one silver tankard, one walnut tree chest of drawers together with my best bed … , my Beaver hatt and one Wedding Ring…”