Scope and Content

(i) John Parry of Denbigh, co. Denbigh, glover, Thomas Roberts of Denbigh, victualler, Robert Parry of Ledbury, co. Gloucester, currier, Elizabeth Parry of Cerrig-y-druidion, co. Denbigh, spinster, Peter Roberts of Bachymbyd, co. Denbigh, surgeon, and Frances, his wife, and John Parry of Caerwys, co. Flint, chandler, for Edward Parry, surgeon in the West Indies, (which said John Parry, glover, Ann, the late wife of Thomas Roberts, Robert, Elizabeth, Frances and Edward are the younger children of John Parry, late of Bachymbyd, gent., deceased).

(ii) John Lloyd Salusbury.

For sum of £800 owing to (i) under a deed of 30 November 1785.