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Pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, reports, conference reports and histories issued by 13 de Maio, Articulao Nacional de Movimentos Populares e Sindicais, Associao das Mulheres (So Paulo, Brazil), Associao de Cooperao Comunitria das&xE1;reas Problemas de Salvador, Associao de Cooperao Comunitria das&xC1;reas-Problema da Regio Metropolitana de Salvador, Associaco Difusora de Treinamentos e Projetos Pedaggicos, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Campanha da Fraternidade (Brazil), Critas Brasileira, Carrefour International, Catholic Church, Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT), Centro de Aperfeioamento do Trabalhador-Betim (CAT), Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos de Sao Miguel, Centro de Documentao e Pesquisa Vergueiro, Centro de Estudos de Cultura Contempornea, Centro de Estudos do Trabalho (Brazil), Centro de Estudos, Pesquisa e Planejamento (Rio de Janeiro), Centro de Informao, Documentao e Anlise Sindical, Centro de Pastoral da Comunicao (Pacom), Centro de Pastoral Vergueiro, Centro Ecumnico de Documentaao e Informaao, Christian Aid, Collectif de Soutien&xE0; la lutte Rvolutionnaire du Peuple Brsilien, Comisso Arquidiocesana da Pastoral dos Direitos Humanos e dos Marginalizados de So Paulo, Comisso de Bairros de Belm, Comisso de Fbrica dos Trabalhadores da Barbar, Comisso de Pastoral Operria Nacional(CPO Nacional), Comisso Nacional Pr-CUT, Comisso Pastoral da Terra, Comit Belge Europe-Amerique Latine, Comit de Solidariedade aos Revolucionarios do Brasil, Comit de Solidarit avec le peuple Brsilien, Comit de Solidarit France-Brsil, Committee of Returned Volunteers, Comunidades Eclesiais de Base (Brasil), Confederao Evanglica do Brasil, Confederao Nacional de Trabalhadores na Agricultura (Brazil), Confederaoa Evanglica do Brasil, Confdration Franaise dmocratique du travail, Conferncia Nacional da Classe Trabalhadora, Conferencia Nacional de Obispos de Brasil, Congresso dos Trabalhadores nas Industrias Metalgicas, Mecnicas e de Material Elctrico do Brasil, Congresso dos Trabalhadores Rurais, Coordenadoria Ecumnica de Servios (Brazil), Corporate Accountability Research Group, Departamento de Criao e Promoes da Editora Abril (Brazil), Departamento de Imprensa Nacional (Brazil), Departamento Intersindical de Estatstica e Estudos Scio-Econmicos (Brazil), Diocese de Marab-Par, Ediciones Tierra Nueva, Encontro das Classes Trabalhadoras, Encontro Nacional de Experincias de Medicina Comunitria, Encontro Nacional do Partido dos Trabalhadores, Equipe Reconstruo, Federao de Orgaos para Assisncia Social e Educacional (FASE), Federao e Sindicatos de Comercirios de Santa Catarina, Federation of Agricultural Workers of the State of Pernambuco, Frente Nacional do Trabalho, Fundao Centro de Estudos do Trabalho, Fundao Wilson Pinheiro, Indigena, Inc., Instituto Apoio Jurdico Popular, Instituto Cajamar, Instituto de Ao Cultural (Brazil), Instituto de Estudos Amaznicos, Instituto de Estudos Scio-Econmicos (Braslia, Brazil), Instituto Metodista de Ensino Superior (So Bernardo do Campo, Brazil), Instituto Sedes Sapientiae (So Paulo, Brazil), Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, International Commission for the Co-ordination of Solidarity Among Sugar Workers, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Young Christian Workers, Liberation (Movement for Colonial Freedom), Metalrgicos Comunistas de So Paulo, Movimento de Oposio Sindical Metalrgica de So Paulo, Movimento Democrtico Brasileiro, Movimiento Sindical de Trabalhadores Rurais (Brazil), Ncleo de Educao Popular (Brazil), Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Russell Tribunal on Repression in Brazil, Chile, and Latin America, SAPUCAI-Centro de Assessoria-Pouso Alegre-MG, Secretaria do Trabalho e Bem Estar Social (Bahia, Brazil), Secrtariat de la JOC internationale, Servio de Integrao de Migrantes (Brazil), Sindicato da Indstria Petroqumica e de Resinas Sintticas no Estado da Bahia, Sindicato dos Plsticos de So Paulo, Sindicato dos Metalurgicos de Barra Mansa, Sindicato dos Metalrgicos de Campinas e Regio, Sindicato dos trabalhadores metalrgicos de So Paulo, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Indstria Petroqumica no Estado da Bahia, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores nas Inds, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores nas Indstrias Metalrgicas, Mecnicas e de Material Eltrico de Sao Bernardo do Campo e Diadema, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais, Sociedade Paraense de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos, Unidade Porturia, United Nations, Universidade Federal de Paraba, World Council of Churches, and the Young Christian Workers International Secretariat.

Administrative / Biographical History

The majority of the materials held in the collection here date from the period of military rule over Brazil between 1964 and 1985. Following the overthrow (with the alleged support of the United States) of the Goulart administration a series of generals presided during a period characterised by unprecedented economic growth and social repression. The former phenomenon, driven by huge state-backed industrialising projects such as the construction of the Itaipu hydroelectric dam and later by external borrowing culminating in the 1980s debt crisis, failed to bridge the inequalities of Brazilian society, as testified to here in the materials produced by development groups such as the Federao de Orgaos para Assistncia Social e Educacional (FASE) as well as those of Christian organisations both indigenous and foreign. The latter is evinced here in the items produced by human rights and Latin American solidarity groups, whilst the restictions on organised labour which appeared to tie together authoritarianism and economic progress were increasingly challenged by the late 1970s by strikes particularly in the So Paulo industrial region, strengthening both the union confederations that are represented here and their political offshoot, the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT). The grievances of rural and urban organisations working for land and labour reform continued to be expressed as Brazil transferred to civilian government after 1985, with the holdings here from this period being dominated by the Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT) rather than the burgeoning number of political parties emerging in the post-military scene.


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The majority of the materials held in the political archives of the Library of the Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA) originate from the Contemporary Archive on Latin America (CALA), a documentation and research centre on Latin America which donated its holdings to the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) upon its closure in 1981. In 2004 ILAS merged with the Institute of United States Studies (IUSS) to form ISA, which inherited the political archives. The core collection has continued since 1981 to be supplemented by further donations and by materials acquired through the visits of Institute staff and their contacts to the relevant countries


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