Bruce, correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 101/20/1-18;D Letters (18) to James G Ferrier, 1902 to 1911 [First and second written on expedition] 22 leaves, holograph and typescript
  • MS 101/21;D Letter (copy) to E L Kennaway, 13 December 1913 [Response to Kennaway's request for information on scurvy] 4 leaves, typescript
  • MS 356/96;D Letters (2) with C D MacKellar, 4 April 1916 [MacKellar requests Bruce provide an opinion on whether it could have been possible for Shackleton's Ross Sea Party to have laid deposits to the foot of Beardmore Glacier during summer 1915 to 1916] 6 leaves, typed copy and transcript (carbon)
  • MS 441/16;D Letters (copies) exchanged between Bruce and Sir Clements Markham, 1899 to 1901 regarding British National Antarctic Expedition,1901-1904 (leader Robert Falcon Scott) and Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904 (leader William Speirs Bruce) [The 9 pages in Bruce's hand contain additional comments in red ink] 13 pages of typescript, 11 manuscript (9 pages in Bruce's hand)
  • MS 100/13/1-24;D Letters (24) to Hugh Robert Mill, 1893 to 1919 [various polar topics, partly on Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904] 29 leaves, holograph and typescript
  • MS 1325/7/1-11;D Letters (11) to Hugh Robert Mill, 13 March 1896 to 23 October 1899 [Regarding his activities in the Arctic] 14 leaves, holograph
  • MS 101/22;D Letter (draft) to Sir John Murray, 22 October 1899 [His willingness to serve under either Armitage or Koettlitz in the Antarctic] 2 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1231;D Letter to Thomas Parkin, Edinburgh, 8 June 1910 [Regarding Antarctic birds eggs] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 441/7;D Letter to Charles E Price MP, 24 August 1917 [Regarding the omission of the award of polar medals to members of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904] 5 leaves, unsigned carbon copy
  • MS 101/24/1-2;D Letters (2) to Sir R H Scott 1893 [On his proposed visit to South Georgia] 4 leaves, holograph
  • MS 101/23/1;D Letter to Robert Falcon Scott, 15 October 1911 [His plans for a second Scottish Antarctic Expedition, returned undelivered by Francis Drake, following Scott's death] 3 leaves, holograph plus enclosures
  • MS 464;D Letter to Lady Emily Shackleton (wife of Sir Ernest Shackleton), 7 February 1916 [Sending a book] 1 leaf, autograph, typescript
  • MS 101/25;D Letter to Arthur E Shipley, 10 February 1912 [Regarding the zoological collection of the expedition] 3 leaves, typescript
  • MS 101/99;D Suggested corrections for Admiralty chart 3205, 28 October 1916, 14 leaves, typescript

Administrative / Biographical History

Correspondence on matters relating to the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-1904 (led by Bruce) and Antarctic expeditions in general. Letters to amongst others Sir Clements Markham, Hugh Robert Mill and Robert Falcon Scott.


The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by recipient.

Related Material

The Institute holds around fifty archival collections containing material regarding Bruce, this includes collections relating to the expeditions he participated in to the Arctic and Antarctic as well as correspondence providing information on other polar expeditions such as the Swedish South Polar Expedition, 1901-1903 (leader Nils Otto Nordenskjd), the Argentine Relief expedition, 1903 (leader Julan Irza), the German South Polar Expedition, 1911-1912 (leader Wilhelm Filchner) and the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914 (leader Douglas Mawson). Correspondents include Leonard Darwin, John King Davis, Fritz Heim, John Scott Keltie, Hugh Robert Mill, Fritjof Nansen and Robert Falcon Scott.