Gambling (1)

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1. Notes of approach to ‘gambling’ problem and related statistics, no date.
2. Booklet ‘The Gambling Spirit as a National Problem’, by F. S. Preston and H. Crichton Miller, published by the Anti-Gambling League, 1933.
3. Pamphlet ‘Gambling among Young People: Report of a survey undertaken by the Lancashire Standing Conference of Voluntary Youth Organisations’, published by Community Council of Lancashire, 1946.
4. Leaflet ‘Why do people gamble?’ by Carl Lawton, published by Education Against Gambling, 1948.
5. Pamphlet ‘The Goddess of Chance’ by Beverley Nichols, published by the Anti-Gambling League, [1938].
6. Pamphlet ‘The Stock Exchange - A Market for Enterprise’ by F. W. McPherson, 1948.
7. Article 'Going to the Dogs' by Charles Dimont, from The New Statesman and Nation, 30 November 1946.
8. Pamphlets published by the Churches Committee on Gambling: ‘The Truth About State Lotteries’, no date; H. Crichton Miller, ‘Gambling, An Emotional Deficiency Disease’, no date; Dr F. Zweig, ‘Dog Racing’, [1948]; William Temple, ‘Gambling and Ethics’, [1948]; Reverend John Bretherton, ‘Football Pool Folly’, no date; Reverend J. Clark Gibson, ‘Our New Social Problem’, no date; and ‘Public Enemy No. 1: The fourteenth Annual Report of the Churches’ Committee on Gambling’, 1947.
9. Correspondence of J. Clark Gibson, Secretary of the Churches’ Committee on Gambling, including correspondence between Gibson and G. R. Lavers, discussing receipts from Greyhound Racing Tracks; slump in Irish Sweepstake takings; methods by which the committee estimated gambling expenditure; details of Greyhound Racing returns; and extracts from anti-gambling articles [enclosed], August 1948 - January 1949.
10. Press cutting ‘Street Betting: Effects of a Tax’, from The Times, 4 May 1946; and news cutting ‘Football Pools: The Largest Industry’, from the News Chronicle, 3 February 1947.

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