Letter: [Nora, Eleanor Edith], Elmhurst, Bangor to her son Hugh

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LETTER: [Nora, Eleanor Edith], Elmhurst, Bangor to her son Hugh. Elinor went to Norman Owen to ask about a list of houses in Bryn. He did not seem to know anything about them. She went to Mr Williams and he said that a man wanted to buy 2 houses and offered £30. He wanted to live in one and keep onions in the other from Brittany. There was a sales catalogue in the bookshelves at Mona before she left. His father used to put down in it which houses were sold [WDAAR/3/] it might be in that little black case you took away last year. A lot of books went to Cae Eithin from Mona but we have not been to have a look. Shirley is going to Llandudno where there is a beautiful home for Barnardo's children.

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