Receipt: J. Howes Roberts, Bod Haulog, St. Asaph

Scope and Content

LETTERS: J. Howes Roberts, Bod Haulog, St. Asaph to his cousin Henrietta Wynne Jones mostly re the tenancy of Castellmai. Includes details about the Tithe; the new gardener. The Helsby's have let the garden to a man from Liverpool; the new organ - one of the men working on it is a St. Asaphite, the grandson of Old Hookes the saddler, one of the few of Canon Moston's boys who have come to any good; He is afraid Augustus is not going to qualify as a J. P. because he must possess freehold property to the value of £100 a year; They are glad to hear there is a truce between her and [Tebby] as it is such an awkward time of year to get servants; Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Brown left Dol for home; Nellie appears to be getting stronger; includes a list of fixtures belonging to her; Lease on London House

Attached: NOTE: Received from Lloyd's Bank Limited Lease of 2 dwelling houses shop premises situate in High Street and Northgate Street, Carnarvon for 3 lives and 60 concurrent years. Yearly rent £32 dated 1st May 1833 from Richard Garnons to Wm. Jones Shopkeeper.

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