Correspondence between Prof. Bohuslav Fott and Lund

Scope and Content

Correspondence over the exchange of reprints of papers; information on the Czech University and Prof.Pascher during the war (1946 and 1947); algological papers; Chytrids (1952); Fritsch's collection of algae and copies of paper to add figures (1956); duplicate papers; finds of algae in peat-bogs and dystroph lakes in Ireland (1958); fares and timetable of flights between London and Prague and visa applications (1958); visit to Czechoslovakia, Chlorogonium species; Siderocelis (1959); Phycological Bulletin and New Phytologist; Fott's visit to England (1960); Similarity between Characium pyriforme and C. saccatum (1961); sending of Algal material ; Coccomyxa (1962 and 1963); buying of a Czech/English dictionary.