File containing information of FBA building alterations, inventory of samples, Geologic information and metrological information.

Scope and Content

Folder containing information on Ferry House and Pearsall Building Plans (2004); Map to Alteraration of Ferry House and The Pearsall Building , Ted Fletcher Architechts (Apr 2004)Leave or absence from office (2003); Review of FBA's Upublished Collections and the FBA's background (2003); list of preserved samples , including Windermere, Esthwaite, Blelham, Grasmere, Malham (Mar 1987), with notes of how they have been stored and preserved, and recommendations for best preservation (formalin/glycerol; 2 sheets on Geologic time scale; letter to Carlisle Natuarlists on Plankton at Tarn near Silloth (20 Feb 1951); FBA chemical inventory last updated 7 May 2002. Crossed out chemicals disposed of before Mar 31st (27 Jan 2004); leaflet of FBA/CEH Library database; Metrology diagram (handwritten date 9 Jul 1987).