File on FBA and CEH strategies, including photographs and library, and information on staff.

Scope and Content

Information on preservation of illustrations and lists of photos with description (2003); journals, Visions and strategy for the FBA, August 2002; opinions by John Lund on FBA vision and strategy; CEH strategy Aug 2002; Information Advisory Panel (2002); library strategies; information regarding Systematic Biology and Diversity, an inquiry on. Also includes problem on how to make posts in taxonomic and identification biology attractive (2002); annual reports (2001-2002); FBA sites; letter from Roger Sweeting regarding developements in FBA (3 May 2001); worries regarding Fritsch collection (Apr 1999-Mar 2000); Letter regarding retirement of J.G Jones from acting head C.S. Reynolds, one formal, one informal to John Lund (7 Apr 1997 and 3 Apr 1997); summary of data management meetinh (6 Oct 2000); letter regarding Nostoc verrucosum; letter regarding Roger Sweeting being appointed as Chief Executive from C.S. Reynolds; Development plan 1995; Publishing agreement by John Lund and Hilda Canter-Lund 1996; FBA memo book, descriptions of staff working with algae (1997-2002)

Conditions Governing Access

'FBA Confidentiality'