Information regarding Lough Neagh

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Contains a copy of the proceedings of a conference on Agriculture and Water quality; paper on Symposium on large Lakes and Impoundments (1968); Photocopy of a thesis from 1975 on an Ecological Study of fish and plankton populations in sewage effluent Lagoons; copies of papers on Lough Neagh; copy of a paper on Lough Neagh investigations; report on Gull droppings and their effects on water quality (1977); paper on Interactions between sediments and fresh water (1976); paper on investigation unit of the Lough Neagh system; 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 and the 1st Annual report of the FBA investigation Unit; information on Lough Neagh field station (1967); Map of Lough Neagh; information on samples and data at Lough Neagh (1969); letters and paper on the UN Conference on the Environement, Working party on the management of Natural resources (1971); copy of the summaries and conclusions of the Working party reports (1972); and a letter to Lund thanking him for his help on the report