Correspondence between Yura Kusner and Lund regarding Kusner's papers on Baikal's ecosystem problem

Scope and Content

Includes photocopy of Kusner's paper on ' Restriction enzymes of bacteria strains as particular indicators of anthropogenic and global changes of ecosysyems, Lake Baikal and Lake Nyasa. Photocopy and notes on 'Hydrodynamics as a limiting factor in the lake Baikal ecosystem'. Correspondence between Dieter Imboden and Colin Reynolds criticising Kusner's Vertical Deep Water Renewal and biological productivity on lake Baikal. Letters between Lund and Kusner re his rejected contribution to American Naturalist re Baikal's ecosystem. Letter from James Elser Dep of Zoology, Arizona University) stating that he feels Kusner's manuscript is suitable for publishing and the ideas are 'sound' Vertical deep water mixing and biological productivity of lake Baikal). Letters to ''Ray Weiss and Karin' regarding proposed papers on Baikal's ecosystem. Critiscism on 'Vertical deep water mixing and biological productivity of lake Baikal' by Ray Weiss. Also Invites to Kusner and translator to attend workshops in Germany on ecosystems from Max M. Tilzer. Notes on a proposed letter to International science foundation remarking he is both unhappy with the situation in Ukraine and their proposal to help (possibly unemployment with scientists from ex USSR institutes).